How to do SEO optimization on the “SEO Training” content page

Do you have a lot of text pages, would you like to know if this is appropriate? Is your website friendly to users? Do you want to improve your search engine rankings? Here are some tips to make your website better for your users. And improve your search reveal.

Rich page

  Online store marketing training includes a large amount of content on the page wherever the stage title needs to be refined. These parts are necessary because the title of these stages is divided into content. They also make it easier for users and search engines to scan content. Using images to cut text instead of placing it at the top or side of the page is another way to make page users feel more friendly.

  Online store marketing training pays attention to the bold keywords and other key words linked to the relevant web pages. In this way, the key words are highlighted, making the search engine look better and perhaps improving the ranking. It also makes the most important topics stand out. Make sure you don’t overdo it (just a few times for each topic). Search engines may find you trying to cheat and perhaps reward or punish you!

  In addition, the appearance of a list on a page can further polarize the content and make it feel less overwhelming. The right use of titles and key points makes your content easier to read.

Key words

  Key words and their use on the web play an important role in search engine optimization (SEO). But remember, there may be too many benefits. You can rank lower in the keyword fill. Write the natural, then pick the key words, will be sharp.

  Use keywords in the URL. The URL is chosen by the title of the folder.

  Online store marketing training saves the folder title as one or two hyphen keywords.

  Always use lowercase; not symbols or spaces.

  These tips are also used for file names (PDF, Word documents, etc.).

  Use keywords in the page title.

  Use keywords in the stage title.

  Link key words on the site and display them on other related sites.

  Online store marketing training uses keywords in the entire text and adds styles (bold or italic) to the appropriate locations. Prevent focus – they may be mistaken for links.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

  In addition to strategically using keywords, there are other ways to make your pages rank higher in search.

  Publish related content.

  Online store marketing training updates content on schedule.

  Information about web content after adding a meta description to the CMS keyword and clarifying the field.

  Paste your URL on a valuable website.

  Online store marketing training uses alt logos to create images and video media.


  Consider the user when writing content and planning the page structure. If they don’t simply navigate or are too unstoppable, they won’t stay long enough to get the information you want.

  Online store marketing training uses titles, lists, and bullet points.

  Don’t let the user click. They are willing to turn over.

  Each page has a stage, preferably a stage with a strong title and multiple stages.

  Online store marketing training sliders are a great way to make a lot of content easier to digest, but clicking them to open them has become a problem, especially on mobile devices. The test uses more headlines, drawings, and bullet points to distinguish content instead of putting it in the slider.

  Don’t overload navigation – the tabs and navigation of the user’s visit page don’t show too much content or page links. A typical human brain can only process a small amount of information at a time.

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