How to promote your content on LinkedIn

Hello friends, when we look for professional social media platform where you can get your career opportunity then linked In is the first choice of every professional person. Here you meet various business professionals and build network with them. but do you know that you can use linked in for promotion of your content. Being a professional business social network linked In the one of the best platform to promote your blog or content. Here you get right people for your blog who will involve in your content. So in this article I will tell you about how to promote your content on linked in.

1.Optimize Your Profile: First of all you have to complete and optimize your profile on linked In. If you want to build good network with professionals who like you content then your profile should be attractive. As a blogger you should mention your work position in profile and also submit link of your blog or website.

2. Build Your Connection: when you don’t have any connection on your account, your content is useless so first of all build your following. Connect those professionals who are related to our profile. You should large connection in your account to grow your network. when your connection will high, the chances of promoting your content will increase.

3. Make a Content Strategy: Create a content strategy Before sharing your content on linked in. You have to know that what type of content you want to share like Infographic, text , video and banner. Its depend on you that what kind of article you want to promote. You have to choose right content if your content will be good then you can promote your content easily.

4. Join Targeted Groups: On linked in you will find million of groups but you have to join those groups which are related to our content. If you will join these groups you will get large number of people automatic and it will be easy to promote your content

5. Post Your Content in Regular Interval: After sharing one content on linked In don’t be inactive. If you want to promote your content and want to grow your account then post at least three articles in a week. If you will post consistently, your account will active in the eyes of professionals and the chances of reading your content will high.

6. Use Linked in Pulse: LinkedIn Pulse represents a useful way for thought leaders and industry experts to earn credibility and attract attention for their brand. You can get promote your content through guest posting in linked In pulse. Linked In pulse increase the brand awareness in people.

7. Use hashtags in Your Content: While sharing your content, use hashtags in content. just use related keywords to your content which will help to promote your content. when people search anything which relate to your post then it chances that your content will come in their list just because of using hashtags.

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